Monday, October 28, 2013

Birthday bash #2

Last Sunday, my lovely roommates when out to celebrate my birthday.

My look with my trench coat. It was windy on that day and slightly gloomy. 

We went to 'Friends Forever Cafe' located at Большой Козихинский пер., 18 
The interior of the cafe is very beautiful.It is set up in a metropolitan cafe style. It has a New York-ish feel.

The restaurant was packed since it is a Sunday.
We got our seats by the window which is great for photography because the lighting was superb.

Our drinks : Cinnamon tea with citrus and apple and Cookies n' Cream

The pizza was just alright. For its price,  I would say it is not worth it .
Presentation is cute though.

Devil's cake - Best Chocolate Cake ever.

This chocolate cake taste terrific!

Royal Cake - Raspberry cake with Cottage Mousse.

The mousse taste so good.

The picture frames on our table and there's my clutch.

I really love the dress I am wearing, it's so cute.

Super close up of my makeup. Purple lips. Did it scare you all?
I am really liking the purple lips look.

I love cake!

After everything, we went to Red Square!

Together with the infamous St. Basil's Cathedral.

The wind was so strong on that day. I thought my ears were gonna fall off. It was gonna rain anyway.

With the infamous clock

Outside GUM at night

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