Sunday, September 9, 2012

Permanently. - Beauty Store loot

I have lots of BB cream but they are Asian BB creams or the Asian version of western BB cream. So, to be exact I never tried a real deal western BB cream before.

Since today I need to get to the beauty store to get a backup for my shampoo and wet toilet wipes, I picked up two items.

Eveline Cosmetics BB Cream and Maybelline Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe.

Eveline Cosmetics BB cream will mark my first western BB Cream.
Actually I wanted the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB but it was all sold off the rack. Looks like Maybelline's BB is quite a hit here too.
So I have to resort to this BB Cream. I will get my hands on Maybelline's BB Cream when I see it.
It comes in two colours, light complexion and tan complexion. Not a great colour selection.
It comes in a great amount too, 50ml despite the tube looks really small. 

There's nothing special about the packaging, it looks well like most European cosmetics' packaging. I won't complain.

The swatch of the BB Cream. This BB Cream has a moussy texture, somewhat like The Face Shop's Lovely Me:Ex Honey BB Cream but more airy and whipped. 

It swatches slightly orange on my hand. I haven't try it on my face.
It was priced at 145.00Rubles per tube.

I finally got to pick up the highly raved Maybelline Color Tattoo. I really wanted one but it is not available in Asia. 

Permanent Taupe such a pretty colour and a good everyday colour.
Most of eyeshadow collections are in earth tone colours. I am such a boring person.

It is so freezing cold here today. Is this even Autumn? Currently, It is 8 degree Celcius outside.
I think I am gonna catch a cold soon because of the unstable weather. *hides under comforter*

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