Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A bunch of fakes

The eyelashes I ordered arrived.

The ones I got are all Taiwanese eyelashes. I am still debating whether to get Dolly Wink or no. It's pretty pricey for 2 pairs of lashes only.
The lashes.2 boxes and 3 pairs.

1st style
I only got 3 pairs for this design. After looking at the design. I like it, I will get more if I do finish my lashes.

2nd design
The most expensive of all and the prettiest. Very flirty and natural.
It's best design to create the dolly flirty look.

3rd design
I got this design because it looks really nice and the seller recommended me to get this design.
She said it's really pretty.
Really, it is pretty.

Where to get it?
This shop even sells circle lenses for a reasonable price.

Both of this site are my favourite place to get false eyelashes


  1. I'm so jealous! I need to have this many lashes at my disposal. Time to go to those e-shops!

  2. Thanks for sharing those shops with us.

    I need you to update the code again. I have to fix Elena's link. Don't forget about the list post for this week.