Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flaunt it like Gaga!

Bought new hair accessories.Lady Gaga's style hair bow. With dango hair.
I finally learn how to do dango hair. bwahahaha. I know I am slow.

with hair loose down.

It's really soft eventhough it's not made with real hair. The colour I bought is blonde but it looks like caramel brown.
It's the same colour as my previous hair colour which now faded into 2 tone.

I also got bumpits finally.
I don't what took me so long to purchase them and they are not expensive at all, infact, really cheap.

Hohoho. I have agejo hair minus the curls.
It still needs some work though

NOTD. I have short nails and i painted them in a nude colour.
I want to get my nails done but I am too broke for that. =(

On the side note,
I am rotting at home.

I am gonna start my uni intake soon but damn where's my NOC.
Pleaseeee replyyyy to meeee.


  1. I want Lady Gaga´s style hair!

    Nude color is the best, i like!

    Pink Kisses♥

  2. I really like the Lady Gaga hair style too, cute yet chic.

    Nude colour compliments everything. That's why it's the best colour. =D