Friday, June 19, 2015

Aliexpress haul : long lasting lipgloss

My first makeup haul from Aliexpress. A dozen of M.Now Long Lasting Lipgloss. 

I am a bit skeptical about buying cosmetics of unknown brands online because well you just doubt the quality.
I have always wanted the Lime Crime Velvetines in Cashmere. As many have known or if you don't you can google it, Lime Crime had a scandal which made me refrain ordering from Lime Crime. Also, the Velvetines are USD20 which is quite pricey for what it actually is. 

I did some research regarding the dupes and found a dupe for the Velvetine limecrime. The M.Now Long Lasting Lipgloss in 18 is close dupe for Cashmere.
Me being me, instead of just getting one colour which is the Cashmere dupe, I got a dozen.
The prices of these lipglosses is very cheap, they can go as low as 80cents to USD1.50 for each of the lipglosses depending on seller. There are quite a number of reviews of this product on youtube and blogs. So i could read through reviews on them and see swatches of them before purchasing it. 

Also, this product shouldn't be called lipgloss, it leans more like a matte lipcream texture, consistency and texture wise, it is comparable to the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream.
Surprisingly for the price I paid for these lipglosses. The quality is really good for the price. Packaging isn't all pretty or fancy but you cant ask for more for the price.

These are the six colours that I have picked up.
16 - Lavender-tone baby pink
26 - Peachy nude
18 - Pinky taupe beige
03 - Dusty rose pink
17-  Brght pink with peach undertones
30 - Tea nude
Without realizing, It looks like I have mostly chosen neutral and everyday shades.

Seller's link :

The communication with this seller is great. I got my items in 3 weeks or so which isn't too shabby considering the item is being shipped to Russia which shipping takes forever and they came packaged nicely in a box, not damaged in any form or way.

The colours up close. Just so beautiful.
For the price, it is definitely worth a try.This range offers about 37 shades from nudes to bright neons. There's definitely a shade for every person. 

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