Wednesday, June 24, 2015

L'etoile Russia haul : Neglice collection

L'etoile, a Russian cosmetics store had released a limited edition series for their inhouse brand. It really caught my attention as it was inspired by pastel colours and Marie Antoinette.
I got them during a 40% off sale which is a really good deal.

I got two items from the line. The line offers a range of pressed powders, loose powder, cream blush, lipbalm, eyeliners, eyeshadows and nail polishes.
The packaging are really cute. For most of the items, they come in a pink cardboard packaging with Marie Antoinette imprinted on the packaging. I really love the packaging, I find it really girly and cute.

I got two items from the line, a pressed powder and stick cream blush.

Stick cream blush.

It comes in two shades a pink and a peachy orange.

Me being me, ofcourse I had to go with the pink.
Isn't the packaging just so cute. The packaging just made me get it.

Next, is the powder. This is what I have been eyeing on the most from the line.
Everytime I step into the store, I would definitely swatch the powder because the texture is to die for.
It is very finely milled and smooth. It feels like silk upon swatching. The quality of the powder is really good.

It comes with colours a champagne, pink and yellow shade.

The cute prints at the side of the packaging. We have cakes, pastries, fans, all those cute stuffs.
The packaging although made from cardboard, it is really thick and sturdy.

I wanted the champagne shade for highlighting purposes but unfortunately it is out of stock and I don't see them restocking it as it is a limited edition product. In the end, I settled for the pink shade.

I am impressed with some products from this line, the quality is really good especially the powders and also the eyeshadows which I never got because the eyeshadow shades available are too bright for my liking and I doubt I will ever put the shades into good use but the pigmentation and texture is really good.
I will definitely be checking L'etoile instore brands in the near future. 

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