Monday, June 1, 2015

Eating out Malaysia : Indian street food

It is definitely not a tough chore to find street food in Malaysia. Food is everywhere in Malaysia in every corner and direction. You will definitely never go hungry in Malaysia.

In the center of Kuala Lumpur, you will find Brickfields. It is a medium neighbourhood with high Indian population and because of that, it got its name Little India.
No place is better than Brickfields to get your Indian food cravings satisfied.

My dad loves Indian kuih (I do not know what is the exact term in proper English, let's call them Indian pastry). Since he currently works in Brickfields, he often gets his fix around the road sides where there is a few Indian kuih stall stands and also around the corner in a small zinc awnings stalls lots (can get sweaty and humid with the Malaysian heat), there are banana leaf rice stalls and at shop lots mamak stalls.
During weekends, he would bring all of us to Brickfields for a walk while he does his job and sometimes we would stop by the Indian kuih stall.
The lady of the Indian kuih stall sells a great variety of kuihs, ranging from traditional Indian kuihs like vadai, masala vadai and samosa to Malaysian-Indian kuihs like cecodok pisang, curry puffs.

So many kuihs to choose from.
Everytime I visit the food store I just want to have a bite of each and every kuih.

My favourite Indian kuih would have to be the masala vadai. I like the crunchiness from the dhal breads and the heavy taste of Indian spices. I will never miss a chance to get a masala vadai when I see it.

If you do visit Malaysia and do stop by Brickfields. Go on the hunt or look out for little road side stalls that sells Indian kuih. I guarantee it will be a great snacking experience. 

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