Friday, May 29, 2015

Aliexpress haul : False eyelashes.

I heard many things about this website Aliexpress but never tried it out until of late. I have been searching for affordable dresses for the summer since I am not going back home this year to stockpile my clothes stock.
While browsing Aliexpress I bumped into their makeup section, The makeup section offer a selection of makeup products and also false eyelashes. The false eyelashes design look really pretty online and the price is so affordable. I couldn't resist the temptation and I ordered a few.

I can't remember how many sets I have ordered but for now only two sets have arrived. I haven't check the rest with the post office yet.
These are the two designs that I have received. One of them is Yu Er Gong Zhu, the other doesn't have a brand name.
I will leave the seller's link here :
Besides false eyelashes, the seller sells a variety of accessories, home decor and beauty items. Have fun browsing the web store.

The seller sent out my package fast, in about 2 days and I received the items two weeks later, which is considered fast on registered mail standard.
This Yu Er Gong Zhu lashes design is very beautiful. They do not have a name or style name, I will just leave the link below.
It is a whispy style criss cross lashes.

They are made out of synthetic fibers but they still look natural and not plastic-like. The only downside would be they do feel plastic-like which is not too pleasant to touch but on the eyes, I don't think it bothers that much. Anyway, they are so cheap, so if they do not work out, just dump them aside. They are USD1.5 for a set of 5 pairs. A great deal.

Here is the link :

This set of lashes does not have a brand name. The style is Z-1.

The quality is the same as Yu Er Gong Zhu's. It is also a beautiful set of eyelashes. It also comes in a clear band which can make it hard for first timers to apply since it is flimsy.
This design leans to more doll-like. More suited for a dolly makeup look.

Link :

That is all for my first Aliexpress haul. I have more packages to come so stay tune for future Aliexpress hauls. 

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