Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tiny Events #5

Hi everyone, It is already May. I have finally settled down and moved to my new temporary accommodation after the fire outbreak but I still do not have internet connection so I have been leeching off the free wifi. 
This post has been retrieved from my draft, I will do a proper post once I get the room sorted and also the internet connection sorted out. 

What have I been up to? Well, I am been slacking with easier classes. Have been finding myself going back watching Japanese dramas, catching up with Japanese music and idols.
Lately, I have been catching up with the Spring season dramas, most notably - Yokoso, Wagaya e. 
Also, I have been listening to mostly LDH artist and finding out more about this new group Johnny WEST. 
That is that, before I start rambling further. 

"I finally baked the Walkers Luxury 9 Miniature Mince Meat tart and oh gosh, they taste so heavenly. I want more! They got a unique taste, despite being a mince meat tart, it doesn't taste meaty at all. It is full of taste of spice and fruits. Very nice twist to the tarts.
I am definitely going to get myself some when I go back to London next year. If visiting the UK definitely something to look out. "

" Forensics medicine cycle. All the hips don't lie.
There were no corpse during our classes just bones, skulls and bits and pieces of preserved organs."

"Mcdonalds breakfast menu is probably my favourite from their menu. I love the Mcmuffins.
When we had our forensics medicine classes, our class were located near a Mcdonalds. On the last day of class, we decided to stop at Mcdonalds to get ourselves some Mcmuffins. My favourite has to be the Egg Mcmuffin.
I got the Egg muffin and a berry pie. I like the apple pie but apparently they do not have apple pie on their menu. Looks like the apple pie is not a staple on their Russian menu. "

 "Last week marks my last class in Hospital 15 for the semester. I am definitely missing their cafe's food. I really like their breads and pastry. They are really good.
This is my favourite. I do not know it is called but it has quark and raisins. It is just really delicious.
Next semester onwards I am having most of my classes right in this hospital, maybe I could satisfy myself with their pastry and bread before I graduate. "

" Shopping at 'Fixed Price', it is like the dollar store of Russia but ofcourse items are not priced at a dollar, they are 43 Rubles for every item.
I just so happened to pass by a 'Fixed Price' the other day and when crazy at the food section. I got a lot of snacks from the food section and I will do a "Fixed Price" haul soon.
I am a happy girl with all my snacks. "

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