Thursday, May 21, 2015

Essence haul : I love nude collection

The beauty store near me has brought in Essence I Love Nude collection which made me so excited. I have been lusting over the nude collection for quite some time since the announcement of this announcement over on Essence webpage.
I love my nudes and I definitely would not let go any chances to grab a nude lipgloss or lipstick.

Here is what I picked up from the collection, plus, something extra that is not from the I love nude collection.

I picked up two lipsticks and two lipglosses from the nude collection and a past collection "Come to Town" cream blush.
I like Essence lipsticks for the affordable price tag and great colour selection.
This time for the new I love nude collection, they released five brand new nude colours. I managed to pick up two colours form the range .I find the other available colours too light on me, the colour appears like icing sugar on my lips which isn't flattering at all. One of the shades which I like - "Porcelain Doll" is unfortunately sold out, it is a really beautiful peach nude, I will pick it up the next time I see it in stock.
Meanwhile for the lipggloses, I picked up the two darkest shade from the four colours available because they give the best colour pay off. I like my lipglosses with some colour pay off and they are not too light on me to the point of looking like icing sugar or washing me out. 
I did not pick up the eyeshadows or nail polishes from this collection this time around but i will pick them out as soon to play with them and try them out, especially the eyeshadows. They have a few shades that tickle my fancy. 

Left : Sweet Almond Right:Taste the Sweets
They are not the most pigmented lipgloss I have ever use but they do give a decent and subtle colour pay off. Enough for a wash of colour on the lips.
Taste the Sweets is a pinky nude and Sweet Almond is a taupe nude. I really like the colours of both glosses. They are really pretty especially Sweet Almond because it is something different from what I own.
They are a decent gloss for the price, not sticky at all. Definitely worth picking up if you are a nude lover.

Here comes the highlight of my purchase this time around. The lipsticks!
The packaging is so cute. Different from the normal line which has a black body, it comes with packaging that matches with the lipstick shade.
This makes me easier to recognize the lipstick.

Left : Come Naturally Left : Cool Nude
Essence lipsticks are really great for its price. The pigmentation is great, texture is smooth and buttery. The best part the price tag is affordable, such a bargain.
Come Naturally is a taupish brown nude. Cool nude is a dusty rose.
They are both very gorgeous colours and really great as an everyday lip colour. My favourite has to be Come Naturally.

The last item is not from the I Love Nude collection but the "Come to Town" collection. This is a past collection thus it is in the clearance bin for a very discounted price.
I like cream blushes, when I saw this in the clearance bin for a discounted price, I couldn't pass it up and just had to get it.

The blush, 02 Wrapped in Pink, is a deep magenta pink. A beautiful winter/fall shade to add a deep pink flush to the cheek.
I really enjoy cream blushes, personally I think they stay put on the skin longer and gives a more natural finish compared to powder blushes. Essence have great cream blushes considering its affordable price tag. I own about three cream blushes from Essence. All from the limited trend edition. I enjoy all of them.
They are easy to blend and have great pigmentation. 

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