Friday, May 29, 2015

Fixed Price haul

'Fixed Price' is sort of like the Dollar Shop of Moscow, just that instead of USD1 , items are priced at 45 Rubles each ( they raised the price, last week it was still 43 Rubles, I am kinda bumped).
It has been quite long since I last went to 'Fixed Price' but I passed by one the other day when I was heading to the post office. I thought why not stop by and stock some snacks. 

This is a huge amount of snack isn't it?
I am could not resist temptation so I have tried most of the snacks I have bought. 
So there will be a mini review on the snacks.

Cookie fingers covered in milk chocolate.
I think this is my favourite snack out of the all that I have hauled.
It is basically cookies covered in milk glazing. It taste good and one pack comes in 265grams. That is a nice amount of cookie fingers in one pack for the price.
It makes a really great snack. It is just so munchable.

Waffle 'cake' with yogurt coating and walnuts.
It ate some of it already as you can see.
It is a nice waffle 'cake' for its price. Taste wise it is nothing special but acceptable. The yogurt coating doesn't stand out, it doesn't taste very yogurt like, it is very sweet. I would expect the yogurt coating to be slightly tangy instead of just being sweet. Overall it is a nice waffle 'cake' for its price.
Just that since it is so big and it is basically waffle, it is quite hard to eat with a spoon or biting it as it is. Not something I would take and treat as a snack on a daily basis.
I shouldn't complain much as it is quite a big portion for the price.

Prepackaged Medovnik.
I have tried a little of it as you can see. I would say just get the fresh one from the bakery section. The prepackaged is just too artificial tasting for my liking. The artificial honey scent is too overwhelming, it is like eating honey perfume. Not recommended at all. 

I haven't tried the cake dessert in the blue packaging yet. No reviews for it! 

Overall, I would buy the finger cookies all over and over again. The rest? Meh. 

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