Sunday, May 24, 2015

Eating out Moscow : Magnolia Bakery

I have heard many things about Magnolia Bakery from my friends and how they love the cupcakes and cakes from this bakery.
During Victory day, we were roaming around Moscow city and we so happen to bumped into Magnolia Bakery. I did not hesitate and paid the bakery a visit.

Magnolia Bakery is a New York based bakery and they have finally open an international branch in the heart of Moscow. This bakery is famous for their red velvet cupcakes and banana pudding.

The ambience of the bakery is really pretty. Simple and cute.
The shades of white interior of the bakery makes the bakery look much spacious than it is actually is, It also makes the whole atmosphere very comfortable and laid back.
Each table has a its own pot of flowers which is pretty sweet too.

Display of cupcakes. I just want them all.
They are so many cupcakes to choose from. Unfortunately, Red Velvet was not available on the day I visited, thus I had to choose another flavour.
I really like Red Velvet cupcakes and I heard it is also their best seller. So I was pretty sad about it.

The desserts are not just limited with cupcakes. There are a lot of pastry and desserts to choose from. There are cookies, pies, puddings, cakes, cheese cakes etc.
Lots of variety for the sweet tooth.

The staffs are attentive too. Also, some of the staffs speak English. So, do not worry about the language barrier if you don't speak Russian.

My German Chocolate cupcake.
It is basically chocolate cupcake with coconut shredding paste topping. The cupcake is tad sweet, not suitable for eating in big bites, I find one small portion as it is is just fine, a slightly bigger portion would have lead to sugar intoxication. Nevertheless, the cupcakes are really good, I enjoy the coconut on top.

Overall I like the atmosphere and cupcakes from this bakery. I will pay a visit to this bakery again and hopefully get my Red Velvet cupcake fix. 

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