Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tiny Events #6

So previously I have talked about the unfortunate incident that there was a fire breakout in my hostel at my floor. Now, things have pretty much settled down and I have temporarily moved to another hostel for the time being as there were no empty slots or rooms for us.

' The view from our new room. The grey shades of suburban Moscow. Definitely a much nicer view compared to my old room. I am kinda sad that this room is only temporarily available to us because it is such a great room. '

' Our first meal in the room. We consider this as an open house ceremony with all the sushi. We ordered our sushi via an apps called from this sushi shop called "Bento Wok" which offers sushi sets for an affordable price. For a sushi delivery shop, I would rate the sushi from this shop decent for its price. '

'Sirniki. It is a type of Russian thick pancake made from quark. This is my first time making it and it it wasn't so successful as I added in too much flour, thus the aroma from the quark did not stand out too much. I made it the second time again after that and it was a success. It is a pretty easy pancake to make, all you need are quark, flour, sugar, salt, egg, vanilla essence and raisins (optional).'

' Spring is finally here. On the way from the post office back to my hostel. I went out to pick up from order from . So, expect a huge Aliexpress haul soon?  '

Exam period is coming up soon, Tiny events will be kind of boring with not much going around with my life. If I were to update a 'day in my life', I will definitely bore everyone to death. 

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