Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Haul : Essence + Catrice

If anyone noticed. There's a change of setting. This is because I have moved to my temporary room. From now on, newer hauls will have this as a setting. 
I quite like this room because sunlight is abundant compared to our old room where there is hardly any sunlight and it is much dimmer and darker. It makes photography much easier and also editing (yes, I have just learned how to edit my photos). 

Let's go back to the haul. 
I went to the beauty store with a sole purpose to pick up an eyelash glue because my old eyelash glue has completely dry off and I am too impatient to wait for the eyelash glue that I have bought off aliexpress to arrive. 
Then at the clearance bin were the past season Catrice products for a very affordable price. I couldn't resist and picked them up. 

So in the end, I ended up with two lip treatments/lip glosses and a eyelash glue. 

These Vitamin Lip Treatment from Catrice is from their limited edition "Visionairy" collection. 
I picked up the two shades available for the lip treatment. 

Left : 02 Veil of Vision 
Right : 01 Apricosy Daydream

Both shades contains microglitter in them. I really like how 'Veil of Vision' looks like in the tube, it is a lilac chrome shade. It is really gorgeous in the tube. I do not how well it translate on the lips. I haven't tried any of them. 
I do not expect them to have great colour payoff because they are lip treatments. 

I like the design on the tube. The silver details on the tube makes it look more sophisticated and sleek. 
Finally, the last item of this haul is an eyelash glue. 
This is the main purpose I went to the beauty store. 
There were only choices of eyelash glue in my beauty store. It is either this Essence Eyelash Glue or Ardell's. I picked out the cheapest one among the two because I am a cheapskate like that. 

That is all for my haul this time around. Not very exciting this time around. 

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