Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hot Pink Jeans!

Simple look of the day. My skin is at its worst, thanks to the changing weather.
Circle lens by Fynale Y17 in Grey.

Finally I visited Victoria's Secret over here. The trip was not worth it at all. =(
They hardly shipped in anything to the stall, it is mostly fragrances, some panties, bags, purses, clothes and some cosmetics.
They is nothing to be excited about.

Anyway I picked up only one thing from the stall just to get the paperbag.

VS' paperbag is so pretty and cute.

I picked the Beauty Rush lipgloss in Taffy Go Lucky.
Such a pretty bright pink with gold shimmers. The shimmers are really fine.

A closer look at the colour.
Gold shimmers! love!

It cost 350 Rubles for a tube. Definitely not worth it if compared to the American price.
It's better to share order from the US during the sale season, you save lots even with paying the pricey shipping.

Going on,
Clothes buy from ZARA.

I just picked up 3 pieces, the total bill did cost me a bomb!
This is just a simple knit wear which is thick and pain in the ass to handwash. It's in navy blue.
I love it so much since it does keep me warm indoors.
It is so cold now in Russia that my extremities are basically freezing when I am typing this. It has reached the horrendous subzero weather over here.

Hora! super bright hot pink jeans that is gonna colour your life in winter.
I really need to colour up my monochrome wardrobe.

The bomb of the buy. ZARA TRF's winter wear.
I am desperately in need of a pretty and warm winter jacket to help me survive winter here which goes down to -30+ celcius.
This is the prettiest of all winter jackets I have see.

Real Down feather. Best feather even if you can't stand the cold.

This jacket cost me 4599 Rubles. So freaking expensive T_T
but I have no regrets. *hugs coat*

More Sushi Galore.
It's my friend's birthday thus we celebrated by bringing her for sushi.


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