Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ELF Natural Radiance Blush swatches and review

Remember that I got ELF Natural radiance blush in Innocence awhile back?
Now, I am gonna review and swatch it.

These ELF blush retail USD1 on ELF's makeup site. Sometimes there's coupon code so you might get it even cheaper.

I like these blushes because they are portable. It fits everywhere if you need touch ups.
They are loosely packed. This is one bad thing. I dropped Glow once and it broke but it is still usable but I don't carry it anywhere to reduce mess. I do not want it to further break into pieces.

They are also powdery, so it's better to pat your brush to get the product instead of swiping to reduce mess and fall outs.

Pigmentation wise,lighter colours are less pigmented.
Anyhow it's still decent pigmentation.

Left : Innocence Right : Glow

As you can see Glow is damaged.

The Swatch,
Left : Glow Right: Innocence

Glow I swiped on one swipe. Innocence I swiped on two swipes
This, you can roughly figure out the pigmentation.

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