Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tiny events #4

My camera has been sent for sensor dust cleaning thus I have not been in the mood for blogging with pictures, I just feel insecure without my camera. It all has been well though, I will be collecting my camera back real soon and pictures will start rolling in. Camera photos shall do the trick for now.

' I am always grocery shopping in Auchan or more known stylized as Ashan over here in Russia but I haven't posted up pictures of how the hypermarkets looks like there, I feel I should take you all around a look in Ashan. Just sometimes, when I get too into grocery shopping I just forgot to snap pictures of the hypermarket. Just a sneak peak of the biscuit/cookies aisle, Not the most interesting Usually prices in Ashan are the cheapest so I do most of my groceries over there.   '

' The Chinese market is not somewhere I often go because it is quite far from where I live, I find that it is a hassle to travel.
Since this time my class is near the Chinese market, I am visiting the Chinese market more often to get my tofu supply. I like the tofu here, it is fresh and cheap. We have tofu, taupok, handmade noodles, tofu skin.
I do not get tofu from the hypermarket, it is very much overpriced. It is really hard to get tofu in Moscow.'

' Marie is my favourite character, if you can't guess it, I guess you should know it by now.
The stationery corner in Ashan carries exercise books with Marie as the front cover. My little Marie fan just couldn't resist and I got a stack of them. '

'Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup.
There is an authentic Vietnamese food stall inside Dubrovka wholesale center.
The Vietnamese food is really nice and affordable. What I like is that you get a good portion for the price paid. I usually share my portion since I could not finish one bowl by myself, that is coming from a girl. My male friends could finish them but it will leave them really full.
This is our new favourite place to eat out. It can get full during lunch hours since there are only three tables available. '

' It snowed heavily on Sunday. Winter is back? We hope it is really the last snow and soon we will be welcoming spring.
The weather has been really beautiful and sunny until Saturday. Now, It has been awfully cold.We want our spring weather back with lots of sunshine. '

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