Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Chinese New Year in Moscow

Every Chinese New Year, we make an effort to cook together as a group for reunion dinner and celebrate this festive season. We are students overseas, we are all far away from home. Groupmates are closest is as close as what we can call a family.

This is our Chinese New Year dinner. It took us hours to get the food ready.
Homecook Malaysian style Chinese food. Just reminds me of home.

We have groupmates that went back to Malaysia during the winter holidays and brought back Chinese New Year cookies. I love Chinese New Year cookies but they are the most fattening thing during this festive season. They really have contribute to my massive weight gain for the past week and it is so hard to shed the weight off.

During reunion dinner, it is a custom to have eight main dishes on the table. We did not really follow the custom since prices on certain produces are quite steep and we are students on a budget but we did made almost 10 dishes with some repeated produce.

The first dish is a vegetarian dish. It is napa cabbage , carrots and deep fried garlic.
There can't be all meat served on the table, there's still a need for some greens before all of us get constipated.

One of my groupmate is a great chef and this is one of his signature dish.
Sweet and Sour chicken. We specially requested him to cook this dish for us.

Steamed fish in soy sauce.
This dish taste so good, if only I can steam fish that good.  It does taste like those steam fish dish I could get in restaurants.

Egg and lap cheong (chinese sausage)
I didn't imagine the day that I could finally taste lap cheong over here, thanks to my groupmates who are food hoarders. They actually bought lots of food from Malaysia, unlike me, who only packs cosmetics and clothes. Guilty of that.

Sambal fried noodles
What is fried noodles without the Malaysian flavour.

Fried rice.

Shitake and Button mushrooms and broccoli.

Prawns in Wine sauce. I just don't know how to name or call this dish.

Homemade bak gua. My groupmates are just awesome cooks.
They can just make everything, makes me feel like I am a failed cook. I need to buck up my cooking.

My grilled emperor chicken.
I am not a good cook so I guess I didn't marinate the chicken well enough that the chicken breast did not have much taste as compare to other parts.
Looks like I have to improve my cooking skills.

That's all the food we had for the reunion dinner. We had so much food that I guess most of us had put on some extra pounds.
I had put on and now I have to lose them. 

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