Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Weight loss project 2015 : Rant #1

I wanted to post a post on my weight loss but my diet is a total mess right now which had demotivated me from posting it and collecting cyberdust in my drafts.
I gained weight since my holiday trip and also from the sheer few days of Chinese New Year celebration.
I gained approximately 3kgs from all the food I had during this period and It had went down about 1kg since when I last had a enormous meal from Chinese New Year celebration. I am still not proud of this though.

I am trying to get back on track with downsizing my portion but I am still having desserts and sweets which is not helping much. I know I have to eliminate my desserts and sweets in order to lose weight.
I need to be strict on myself and eat clean and healthy.
I had bought a lot of healthy food from the hypermarket ( I will post a grocery haul soon) and at the same time I still have leftovers of unhealthy food such as chocolate, biscuits and cakes from my grocery shopping way back last year. Also, I have to kick myself today for buying more unhealthy snacks like biscuits and marshmallows. I am going to finish them off and not touching them.

Exercising wise, I am not yet back on track with my exercise routine. I have slacked off since my study break but I am slowly regaining it back, hopefully I can regain it soon. I want to get back to routine by exercising daily after class. Hopefully my roommate doesn't find me annoying or irritating.
I never posted anything on my exercise routine or the fact I do exercise.
In case anyone is interested, I do workouts following youtube videos from popsugar fitness, fitness blender and keaira lashae's channel. These three channels, I swear by their workouts.

Also, I am thinking that I should start documenting what I eat in a day so that, I will control my food intake much more and be more discipline. The last post that I did a food intake diary is circa 2011, That is so long ago. Since then I have been slacking with food intake diaries on my blog but I have been using my fitness pal to record my food intake on some days. I have been using it for a year or so, I find it did control my food intake to 1320 calories per day. Other than that, I have also been snacking because I couldn't see that I had consume snacks on the diary since I always use the 'quick add calories' option.

So I will be posting more weight loss entries , rants, anything related to weight loss until I achieve my ideal weight. I have been struggling with weight loss for quite a long time eversince I am in high school, so now, I am very determine to achieve my ideal weight. It has been taking too long. I am almost at the end of university life and I have yet to achieve it.
Incase , anyone wants to know my weight. I fluctuate between 125-130 pounds. 

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