Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Christmas in Moscow & Krispy Kreme

The last time we went to Red Square to catch the Christmas/ New Year lights over there. The Christmas ornament that we were anticipating wasn't illuminated, technically it was out of order. We were left dumbfounded at that moment and disappointed.

The next trip to Red Square. Thank goodness it wasn't out of order. It was illuminated and there was a huge crowd surrouding it.

We have to get through the great crowd to snap a picture with the Christmas ornament and inside of it too.

Inside the sphere, it is so pretty especially against the dark night sky.

It was really cold outside, we didn't stay long outside, our fingers couldn't take it, it is as if it was frostbiten. We couldn't feel our fingers from being exposed with the cold by taking pictures.
In the end we decided to settle down in Krispy Kreme.

But on the way to Krispy Kreme, we did take other pictures.

The Christmas market outside Red Square.
This stall that looks like a train head sells roasted chesnuts.

The amount of snow piling up at the side of the walkway. This is Russia.

GUM very majestic and beautiful at night with all the illumination.

Along Nikolskaya Street beside GUM. Beautiful little kiosk along the street.
Unfortunately they are all close.

Doughnuts so many doughnuts. so fattening yet taste so good.

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are not my favourite.
My favourite doughnuts has to be from J Co. or Big Apple. J co. is an Indonesian doughnut retail chain whereas Big Apple is Malaysian, local doughnut chain. I support my local food industry.
Well, I am not being bias, it is just that they have more varieties such as Green Tea, Oreo, Durian, Cheesecake, the flavours are just to die for and they are less sweet compared to Krispy Kreme which can be too sweet.
In Moscow, hands down Krispy Kreme has the best doughnuts, the others, can't be compared at all.

The Christmas edition doughnuts. They are so cute. I just can't bring myself to eat them.
This year, there's a snowman, snowflake and christmas tree.
I have tried all the flavours, I would say the best tasting has to be the christmas tree because it has a caramel filling. I love caramel.

We got a dozen of doughnuts to share among ourselves. It is cheaper to order a dozen in a box than individually.
I love doughnuts and I want more but they are so calories laden. It is just going to screw my diet plan. 

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