Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Weight loss project 2015 : Food diary entry #1

Breakfast : 4 rye crispbread with spreads, a slice of white bread with salami, a slice wheat baton with spread, a piece of quark biscuit, a zefir.
Lunch : 125g of 0% Quark and a medium Banana
Dinner : a shared bowl of Vietnamese noodle
Misc : three pieces of biscuits, two crispbread and a zefir

Have been on the zefir addiction. I guess I could allow myself to cheat on them for today. Crispbread are my favourite to go tiny bites, each crisp contains 14 calories and they taste good with spread on. Bread slices here are kind of small so usually I go for two slices. I have just started trying quark because I couldn't find 0% yogurt in the hypermarket, to me they taste like a stronger yogurt, I am fine with the taste. Didn't expect to eat Vietnamese noodles for today but I guess it is okay since I shared the portion.

Breakfast : 5 rye crispbread with spreads, a slice of white bread with ham, bits and pieces of snacks.
Lunch : 4 pieces of biscuits , 4 crispbread
Dinner : 6 crispbread, quarter cup of rice, 20g of green beans and a tomato.
Misc : coffee

As you can see I love rye crispbread, they are 14 calories each piece and for the whole pack, it is only 290 calories. For some people it may be bland and tasteless but I like it especially with some dips or spread. They are like my bread replacement. Snacks, snacks, I love to snack but I have like a bite of each biscuits and leave another for later, this is just for the satisfaction. For lunch, I have classes through the afternoon and I was too hungry and I didn't pack food, manage to snack on people's meal. Biscuits are not the healthiest but what can you do when you are hungry.
Coffee, I have become a coffee person but I don't have it daily. Today I had it because I wanted to try out a new Vietnamese coffee that I have bought from the Asian market.

Breakfast : 2 crispbread, a slice of white bread with ham, a slice of white bread with chocolate spread, 2 biscuits
Lunch : banana, 7 crispbread, 3 biscuits, a slice of white bread, a zefir, a chocolate
Dinner : 6 crispbread

Since I was quite busy, this is a really bad low calorie diet with lots of carbs. I think I just brought my whole crispbread addiction to a whole new level. Crispbread for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast : 2 white bread with spread, 7 cripsbread, a biscuit and some snacks
Lunch : Bread with cottage cheese, snacks and biscuits
Dinner : chicken curry, fried chicken, coleslaw, plov, fried noodles, potato chips, muffins, bak kut teh, lots of snacks

Had a group dinner and basically I screw up my diet. Had too much food, everything is just too good to have a bite. I have no self control when it comes to food. That is why I can't go into a buffet. Gained 2kgs of water weight, hopefully it is a water weight since most food are really sodium loaded. I have to work out for the next week to shed the pounds away.

Breakfast : a piece of white bread with spread, 7 crispbread, 2 biscuits
Lunch : 3 crispbread, coffee
Dinner : Boiled 150g tofu and 2 leaves of cabbage soup, 3 crispbread

A total food hangover the next day that doesn't make me in the food for actual food. As you can see most food I had are low calorie and not too flavourful, to combat yesterday's sodium overload in my system.

Breakfast : 7 crispbread, 2 biscuits, a piece of white bread with spread, 130g yogurt.
Lunch : sandwich (a slice of bread), 2 crispbread
Dinner : 2 slices of bread (sandwich form), cabbage and 150g tofu soup, 3 crispbread, a chocolate, a chicken thigh (not all, half)

Today we had a sports carnival and I had more food compared to yesterday. I was just plain hungry, so I had slightly more than usual to curb my hunger.

Breakfast : 8 Crispbread, a yogurt and 2 biscuits
Lunch : Some biscuits and Muesli bar
Dinner : a shared portion of fried rice, a little napoleon cake, a slice of white bread, 9 crispbread

Eversince I incorporated work out routines I find myself more hungry than usual but that is to be expected since we need fuel to energize our body back. I am increasing my food intake a little more than usual so that I won't get too hungry but also I am controlling my portion so I won't go overboard and let my work outs go to waste. 

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