Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tiny events #3

My last tiny events post is during my pre-holiday season also known as the exam season which is about approximately a month ago.
After my exam period I went on a vacation for 2 weeks and then came back a day before my university's spring semester. After that I had a tough cycle which had finals at the end of the cycle. Pretty busy.

Anyway, now I am back documenting my tiny events.

' It is my first time having TGIF in Moscow, Russia and I have to say it is terrible. How could taste differ so much from one country to another. I can't comprehend this.
I had TGIF in Malaysia and from my memory, it taste good.
I ordered the Club Sandwich from their lunch menu and I was unimpressed. The fries are soggy and the sandwich, don't let me get started. I guess I make better sandwich than this. I would never visit a TGIF in Moscow ever again or should I say I never have good American food experience over here.'

' Burger King brownies and waffles. What I like about Burger King Russia is that they often have coupon deals and their food is affordable and reasonable after the coupon deal. I find they have the best burgers among fast food chains available in Moscow and their dessert is my favourite cheat treat, especially the waffles. The waffles and ice cream goes so well together
I do not have them very often but they are my once in a blue moon treat. '

' Made Chocolate cornflakes cup for chinese new year. Ofcourse, they are not successful, they just look pretty. They are as hard as rocks. So difficult to chew, almost like granola bars.
I do not know is it the quality of the cornflakes over here in Moscow. I stinged on a little and bought the cheapest (probably lowest quality) cornflakes available in the supermarket. I guess that is my biggest mistake. 
The next time I am gonna make this, I am going to get higher grade cornflakes'

' Look what I have found in my local grocery store. Affordable hummus. I haven't seen affordable hummus around the stores, usually they cost a whopping 200-300 rubles. This one cost about slight over 60 rubles. Taste is ok not wow, well got to forgive the taste from the price point. Atleast there is hummus for me.
This is the classic version. There is another flavour with paprika, I am going to get it the next time I do my grocery.

Also, I am thinking of documenting food I eat daily and do a grocery haul. Is that a good idea? '

' I never took any picture of the beauty shop near my hostel because the sales girl is usually on alert but since there's so many buying gifts since it is Women's Day this weekend, I secretly snapped a picture of the NYX corner.
The selection of NYX is not very extensive over here as compared to the selections in of the US or online. I am happy that they carry the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams and Butter Glosses. It is weird though that they do not carry the Round lipsticks.
They restocked some of the items this time around. Took them awhile to do so. A tiny NYX haul soon?  '

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