Sunday, March 1, 2015

Eating out Moscow : Bely Zhuravl Korean Restaurant

If you are looking for an authentic Korean restaurant in Moscow, do not look further because I am gonna write a post on the best Korean restaurant I have tried in Moscow.

Searching for Korean restaurants is quite a difficult task in Moscow. Asian cuisine (besides Sushi chains) is not ready available in Moscow, it takes some researching to actually find them. Authentic Korean restaurants are even greater task. There might be Korean restaurants out there but some Korean restaurants are not run by Koreans but Chinese. So sometimes as good as it taste, it is still not the real deal.

Last Christmas, we had a chance to visit a Korean restaurant located quite central Moscow. It is just beside the Moscow river near Gorky park. From the restaurant, across the river, you could actually see the park.

Like most Korean restaurants that I've dine in. They start off with serving many side dishes. This restaurant is no less, they have a good variety of side dishes.

I was quite surprised by the selection of side dishes. The bad thing is it is not refillable like Korean restaurants I visited in Asia. Either it is not refillable or the waitress is ignoring our request. I will go on services later. Let's not spoil the post with issues on services.

The prices is not the cheapest in Moscow but I would say affordable and reasonable for the portion size.
Anyway, do not order many dishes. Look at the serving size before ordering. I am just gonna say that the serving size is enormous. Unless you are a hungry ghost, feel free to order more dishes if not by the end of the session, you will be too full to even move your butt from the restaurant and food will go to waste.

I ordered the Spicy Pork Stir Fry - "Jeyuk Bokkeum" with 2 bowls of rice and shared between 2 person. Even so, we felt it was overwhelming, we were very full at the end of the meal. This dish could be shared between 3 person.

The meal is delicious. The pork is nicely sliced into thin layers and there's a huge amount of pork in the dish and there's a good amount of greens too in the dish which is great.

Now let's talk about customer service. Maybe it is just the day I was there because my friend went a few times and she experience any bad service from the waitress, in fact, it was pretty good.
On the day we went, the waitress didn't make us feel comfortable. They were standing beside our table in a group, almost glaring at us and chatting. We wanted to refill our side dishes like how Korean restaurants usually offer to top up side dishes but the waitress took away our dishes and ignored our request. Even if it is not refillable, they could offer us an explanation instead of taking away our dishes and ignoring our request.
I will go another time to justify the service.

The interior of the restaurant is nice and comfortable. Tables are set averagely far apart, enough to get some privacy.
The toilets are amazing though. They are so spacious and clean. There's even music in the toilet.

We celebrated Christmas in the restaurant so we had a little gift exchange ceremony.

Me and my gift. Guess what I got?

Christmas get up. Cute christmas hat and ofcourse a seal plushie. 

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