Saturday, March 28, 2015

New wedge trainers

Adidas is having a 50% off their past season collection. They had this sale since October and it is on-going till now but most sizes and designs have been sold out.
I am not a trainers person. I am glad to own one trainer and wear all year long till it is gone. But, I am also intrigued with the wedge design. We girls just love our high heels or any sort of tool to elevate our height, giving us an illusion of longer legs. High heels in disguise.

I got to know Adidas was having 50% off store wide from people around me. I dived in and searched for things to get from the store and I came across wedge trainers. There is not many designs offered and left in store but there's on that caught my eye.
Wedge trainers has been an item I want to try all these while. I thought they are a perfect 'cheat' item for girls.

Since there is not many choices left, it was no hard task to decide which pair I want.
I got the Adidas Neo Wedges.

I like the design, it is not sporty at all, I am not a sporty girl so I don't like when the design gets too sporty to the extend boyish, the suede-like material gives it a casual look that it can be paired with everything , shorts, dresses, jeans. The leopard print gives it a wild and sexy touch.
I tried these Adidas wedge trainers in stores and it was really comfortable, I couldn't feel the wedges and forgot the fact it is high heels at all. I was comfortable running in it, jumping in it.

I got them for 1995 Rubles which is a steal.
I am really happy with my pair of wedge trainers. 

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