Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Coral Punch

Essence New Collection : Floral Grunge has arrived in the beauty store nearby my hostel so that means, the older collection goes to the clearance bin!

The previous collection that was displayed is the Oz The Great and Powerful Trend Edition.
Actually I have checked on this line for a few times but nothing really interest me but since now they are in the clearance bin for 49 Roubles each, I think no harm picking them up to try.

Most of the item are already out of stock, I had to rummage the clearance bin to find some of the items.

In the end, I got two items for myself, I picked up somemore but they are gifts for my friend.
An eyeshadow and a cream blush.

Eyeshadow in Generosity.
This is the last piece left in the clearance bin since it is one of the colours I often use, I just picked it up.
It is a coral with gold flecks.

Cream Blush in 01 Beware the Wicked Witch
This is the last piece and I am glad I got it since this is the item that caught my eye the most.
The packaging and concept reminds me of MUFE's HD blush but with a much cheaper price tag and I got it on clearance price which made it a steal!
I have another dupe for the MUFE HD blush at home which is the ELF HD blush, I will compare both items as soon as I get hold of my ELF's.
I do not own the MUFE's.

The colour is a coral with gold flecks. It is in the almost similar colour as the eyeshadow I bought.
A perfect match.

Both colours are the perfect colour for this Summer/Spring season. I can't wait to doll up and work these items out.

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