Sunday, June 2, 2013

A little mix of everything

I bought this on a whim when I went into The Body Shop because I had small spots at that time and I just wanted something anti-acne.

It is the Tea Tree Blemish Gel.

I don't know if It helped, because my skin has pretty much cleared up, it could just be a random sudden breakout that goes away really fast or this gel is wonder.
I have to use it a few more times to see whether this gel gave me the results.

That day when I went out, I tried a bolder look. I don't like my eyes fully lined with eyeliner because it makes my eyes look smaller but I can't help giving it another try since I've seen so many artist going for the bold eyes look.

I don't know if I like this look, my roommate commented that it didn't really suit me but my blockmate kind of like it.
I used dark blue eyeshadow and lots of black eyeliner.

The finished look. An overall dark look.
The camera is washing me out really badly. The lip product I used is the Essence Stay with Me Lipcream in Smooth Berry but sadly in this picture it is washed out really badly.

It is clearer with my phone camera. I did a gradient lip with the lip cream, I don't want it to be too overpowering since the eye makeup is bold.

I went to Hard Rock Cafe for a birthday celebration.

Honestly I don't enjoy the food in the Moscow's branch of Hard Rock Cafe.

This is what I ordered. I forgot the name of this meal.

The chicken was really dry, I was really hard to go through the meal.
This is the 2nd time I visited the restaurant. The first time I went, I don't remember enjoying their food too.

Their birthday offer is pretty great though, there is a free parfait for the birthday person and also free wine for the whole table.

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