Friday, June 28, 2013

Travel Diary: Day 3 in UK - London Eye & Big Ben

After a hot cup of Starbucks to keep us warm, we walked up to the Westminster tube station to London Eye and Big Ben. Pardon my bad memory, I forgot which tube station we got down to get to London Eye and Big Ben.

The London Eye

A random selfie near the London Eye.

The view of Big Ben from inside London Eye.

The night view is impressive. The ride took about 30 minutes.
We enjoyed the night view and lots of picture taking in the carriage. 

After the ride, we walked down the river to Big Ben.

The view feels so romantic on a winter night.

Along the River Thames

That ends our journey for day three in London. 


  1. London looks beautiful at night!
    Seeing you on the ferris wheel reminds me that I've never been on one before!

  2. It is really beautiful at night ^^