Saturday, June 8, 2013

More mix of things

A tiny haul is here just to reward myself for finishing my first finals paper. 

I picked up three polishes. I have been into the nail polish phase. I just couldn't resist picking the rest of the glitter collection knowing they stocked up. These glitter nailpolishes are just so pretty. 
Also, I got a cream lip and cheek colour that I found in the clearance section. I am really glad I didn't pick this up at full price, I had my eye on this item some time ago. 

Aurelia Nail Polish. 

I got this off the clearance section too. It is a limited edition.
Nothing very spectacular about it, It is a very wearable nude pink with slight brown tones, but I can see that this is going to be my go to nail polish for the season since it so wearable. 

A very sloppy swatch.

The next colour I picked up is a multicolour glitter with different sizes nail polish. I am bad at explaining the colour of this nail polish.
It is a very fun colour, just reminds me of summer, the beach and the seaside resort. These solid coloured glitter are my favourite this season. I keep going to the shop to get more. 

A multicoloured pink,red and white glitters in various sizes and shapes.
This is very cute and sweet combination. 

The only makeup item I picked up. 

Catrice Lip and Cheek Colour.
It was the last one in the clearance section. I guess I was lucky. 

02 Picked Cherry Blossom
It is a hot pink with blue tones and looks really bright in the pan. I don't know how it transfers on the skin since there were no testers and I haven't tested it. 
I will work it out and give a brief review later. 


I had too much fun with the new nail polishes i picked up.
Different combination of nail polishes for different hands and fingers. 

This is a FOTD new days ago.
A no makeup FOTD, I only used Etude House's Sunblock and a lipcream for some colour on the pale me.

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