Sunday, June 16, 2013

June mini buy. again.

In this generation of beauty items, there is one item that you shouldn't be missing out in your vanity table.
That is.....

Facial spray.

This, I picked up yesterday. It is a normal mineral water facial spray. It is not a setting spray.
I use this after applying moisturizer and pat it in and voila! my face feels so soft and supple. It is better than applying moisturizer alone.
Another way to use it is as a starter before any skincare routine, you can either spray directly to the face and pat it in or spray it on a cotton pad and wipe it around the face.
I prefer to spray it at the end of the routine and 'lock' everything in.

I have been doing this step for 4 days, I can say that my skin has been more hydrated and supple.

The next item I got is something I really enjoy. I went back to pick up more colours since it is still on sale.

L'oreal Lip Caresse Stains

I like the fact they give a hydrating feelings upon application. In this summer weather, it gives enough moisture on my lips and it feels very lightweight.

This time I got the colour, 400 Eve

Eve is a pink-lilac shade with some iridescent. It is almost similar to Marilyn except Marilyn is brighter and a bit deeper in colour.
I've seen swatches of other Eve(s), the name of the colour varies from country to country.
The naming of my Lip Caresse is based on the European version. In Asia, Eve appears to be a bright fuchsia and the numbering is 604. The European version the numbering for Eve is 400.

The other item I got is a set for my mum.
It was on discount and I thought It is a good choice for my mum, she mentioned sometime ago she wants a good cream. This set would be good for her to try out, if she likes it, she could go purchase the full size.

The Estee Lauder Aging Set.

Cute little sample sizes.


  1. That lip stain looks gorgeous. *w* A really unusual shade.

  2. L'oreal Lip Stains are gorgeous, the formula is very good too!