Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Travel Diary Day 3 in UK : Buckingham Palace

I have been ignoring my UK travel post that I almost forgot to continue posting about it.

After Madame Tussauds since it was still in the mid-day, we decided to take a quick trip to Buckingham's Palace and St. James Park.

There was nothing much to see in the park since it was winter then but I am glad I got to see the green grass.
We never see anything except thick white snow in Russia during winter and Spring comes really late here, mid-April.

My Starbucks tumbler. There's no coffee in side, I just filled it with water to carry around incase anyone gets thirsty in the middle of this long day trip.

It was pretty cloudy on that day but it wasn't particularly cold. The temperature was around 4-5 degree Celcius if I was not mistaken. That really warm compared to Moscow.

To Buckingham Palace. We didn't do much there, we just walked around and took some pictures.

Queen Victoria Memorial Statue.

The view around the palace

A precious photo with Buckingham Palace.

Later, we went to get a hot drink in Starbucks since it was getting cold and we got tired. It was not end of our trip for Day 3, we were planning for more sight seeing at night at the London Eye.

Vanilla Spice Latte.

The aroma of the coffee was just so heavenly.

I will continue my night adventure to London's Eye and the Big Ben in my next post.


  1. Buckingham Palace looks really grand! I'd love to go to England one day ^^

  2. England is a really great place to visit! I would recommend you to go there someday for holidays.