Monday, May 6, 2013


Rimmel Apocalips finally has arrived the Land of Vodka

I got too excited that I rammage the Rimmel shelf and got my favourite colours.
I have been wanting them ever since I saw many UK beauty bloggers posted and raved about them. It is pretty sad that the product released after I left UK.

But it is all ok now since I got them on hands.
I took a photo of it right after I got it in "PinkBerry"

These 2 colours I got. Apocaliptic and Nova.
For me these two colours stand out the most at the testers, both are the shade of pinks I like.
The packaging isn't stellar, the cut top is pretty chic but it doesn't really stand out in dull black plastic. The gradient see-through at the end of the tube is pretty neat though because we love to see how much product we are left with.
The applicator is a tilted doe-foot with a hole in the middle. The applicator is stiff but the stiffness gives control for application. Control is needed when the product is so thick and pigmented.

A closer look at the both products.

Nova is a mid-tone barbie pink. 
This colour should suit many skintones. It is really pretty and a wearable everyday colour. 

Apocaliptic is a bright hot fuchsia!
Bold and super pretty! One of the colours that caught my eye immediately.

Here I am wearing Rimmel's Apocalips in Apocaliptic.
and Pinkberry!There's nothing very special about this yogurt ice cream though.

Is it worth the hype?
Yes definitely! It is so moisturizing, smooth and long lasting! Not to mention, the price is such a bargain. After drinking and eating numerous times, the lip lacquer stays on and stains the lips. It fades away bit by bit after awhile but the colour still stays till the end of the day.
If you are lazy in reapplication and don't have the money for YSL Glossy stains, definitely check these lippies out.

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