Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lip products haul : In the Nudes

Today is the 15th of the beauty supply store near my hostel had a 15% off on all products.
I was suppose to just accompany my friend to get some stuffs but I don't know what happened, it seems like I just went nude crazy.
I went and bought a bunch of nude lip products!

These are the four nude lip products I have picked up. 
Three from Essence and one from my favourite Rimmel Apocalips. 

The Essence Stay Matte Lip Cream in 01 Velvet Rose.

The colour is a light pinky nude. 

Essence Stay Matte Lip Cream in 03 Soft Nude

In the tube it looks like 01 Velvet Rose but it is actually a little darker and it has more brown tones. 

My favourite Apocalips! 
This is the first time getting a non-pink colour from this line. 

I swatched this in the store. It is a beige nude which looks amazing. 
My friend was complementing how great it looks on me. It is pale but it just somehow complements my skintone well. 

The next one I aim to get is Luna. 

The last item I got is Essence Lipstick in 52 In the Nude. 

I didn't swatch this lipstick in the store since the tester was all gone,  I just picked it up compulsively.
It looks very pretty in the tube, can't wait to try it out soon. 

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