Wednesday, October 5, 2011

october life update

After the leg injury, I can't figure out how to exercise properly and weighing myself out.
Oh bother. There goes my diet.
I am not gonna gain weight by lying on the bed with my cast. No way!

But jumping around with one leg and some stretches on bed help a little.
Food wise, since I can't cook or anything. This is literally starving me crazy even so, I still eat 3 meals a day religiously. Lunch might not be as luxurious as before but cereal and milk shall do for now.
I don't believe in starving as it is easier to rebound.

Also, I don't believe on going lower than 1000calories per day. I just dont want my metabolism to slow down too much, then when I am old when it gets so much more slower, I am gonna gain a lot of weight then.

In the middle of my recovery period, I spent so much time online thus I have been hauling quite a lot.
From Cherry Culture, ELF, Sleek and also TaoBao.

TaoBao's amazing when it comes to variety of cute and cheap clothes find.
This is gonna be my first time hauling clothes off TaoBao, I bought items from TaoBao before but not clothes, they are Candy Sugar bags.
I think I am gonna haul there often in the future.
Sadly the site is in Chinese. So if you can;t read Chinese you would always use the google translate for some help.

Cherry Culture has a lot of bargain beauty products like NYX, Milani, Jordana and LA Colors that works great for their affordable price.
My favourite brand available in Cherry Culture would be NYX. If you are a newbie to NYX, do try out their round lipsticks, single eyeshadow and powder blush. They work so great for their price.
Go to the site.

Sleek. This brand is new for me. I haven't try it out before but I heard lots of overwhelming reviews about this brand. This time I only picked up their blush.
I am having pretty high hopes for it.
Go to the site. 

ELF is a budget beauty brand. There's up and downs on their products but then they range from $1 to $6 so sometimes you can't complain because you get for what you pay.
Even so there is a few outstanding products like their Studio line brushes, essential line bronzers, Mineral line eyeshadows.
Check ELF out. 

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