Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Leg injury

Now I am sitting right on my bed with a leg cast posting this.

I am gonna recap my story.

Last Winter, I did had a bad fall in the snow where I sprained my knee, I am not sure about the degree of injury because silly me, didn't go to the doctor (well, not like I am bothered to face those Russian doctors and start lecturing me about not speaking Russian fluently and stuff). So I just let it heal itself.

So after a month, everything seemed fine, I am able to bend my knee as usual without straining it and I could walk as usual.
Back in my homecountry, I tripped one more time again, the same knee gave way and all i did is some massage and apply chinese ointment, it wasn't as bad as the snow fall, it was pretty minor, it healed in a week.

The next one is in the common kitchen here, apparently someone spilled oil, and didn't wipe it away, but that healed so fast, the next day i could go for a run.

This time one bad, my knee completely gave way, it dislocated for a moment and i quickly push it back to place, my ankle which supported my weight sprained. So for the first half of the day i swear I couldnt move at all. It was so painful that they had to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital.

So It seems I ended up with some ligament strained and maybe torn in my knee, a minor fracture one my fibula and I have to wear a cast for a month which is so troublesome when I wanna bath and that also means I can't go uni for a month. I can't possibly walk down the stairs from the seventh floor and walk to the bus stop. Doctor has advised me not to strain my leg and rest it well before it worsens. Well this is not good news at all, I don't like missing classes and I really have to catch up when I get back.

But I feel really lonely and all. Being without my parents care when I am injured but I am glad I have friends to stand up and help me but sometimes there's a yearning for parents to be here too.

So, hope for the best now.

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