Sunday, September 18, 2011


My mum just skyped me that the circle lenses that I pre-ordered few months ago arrived.
I am happy about it but I won't get to see the lenses until I go home next summer.
There's 9 pairs of them. I can't wait for next summer.
I pretty much homesick right now.

Went to Moscow Run yesterday.
Obviously I didn't run because I do not have the stamina but better than not doing anything.
The situation was crowded. There's so many people which isn't really surprising.
Since registration number was up to the 10 000.

14 seconds before the race.

The stadium we ran into.

I walked through the race for 43 minutes and 40 seconds. I know I am a slow-poke.
And I sprained my knee a day before the run.

Also, I am gonna haul from Cherry soon.
So if you all have any recommendation on which product I should get besides the NYX products, please leave me a comment below.

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