Thursday, September 8, 2011

update on diet after a month

This is like seriously overdue. 

I am kinda happy how the change of eating style enabled me to loose 1.5kg in a week or so.
I stopped taking in oily food an junk food and only eating 3 times a day. Pumped up on fiber to prevent constipation and eating more fruits and vegetables. 

Every breakfast I have been eating only Fitness cereal (high in fiber and low in fat) with chocolate/coffee milk (I hate full cream/plain white milk) plus yogurt. 

Lunch I am eating meat stuffs. Never cut down on meat stuffs on a diet. You still need protein, you don't want to shed muscles. 

Dinner, it's soba. Lately I have just been eating soba with either gravlax and raw lettuce or grilled chicken because I am too lazy to open my packet of rice and also lazy cooking is contributing and I haven't bought much groceries.I should start cooking up my newly bought salmon. Anyway rice is a better compared to flour based noodles or bread. They don't turn into much fat compared to the latter. 

and to diets that I couldn't take it. 
" " only diets - I am like to eat variety of food. I can't imagine eating only banana or cabbage for the whole week, I might just cry.
fasting - rebound alert. 
No carbs diet - I love soba and rice too much to give it up but I can give up bread. 

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