Sunday, September 11, 2011

it's getting chilly

Weather has been so cold in Moscow that it is killing me softly.
I am missing the warm wind of my home country.

I found something really interesting when I was walking around the hypermarket.
Lip oils
Reminds me of the good old days.
I didn't know they still exist. The last time I encountered them was when I was in primary school.
They use to be my favourite "toy". Girls after all.

They work really good for me right now, the weather is so dry and cold.
All I do is apply it before I go to bed then I will wake up with baby soft lips.
Sometimes I do apply it randomly throughout the day also. I don't mind the oiliness, as long it helps to retain my lips moisture.
Too add on, it's affordable. 28 roubles.

I got a new coat too!
I bought it in a market. I just found out a market in Moscow.
I love it. Cheap groceries! and also spinach! I have been hunting it up and down for a year.
This coat cost 800roubles, cheapest one I found in the market.

I am still eying at a Zara coat that I fell in love with.
So pretty but so expensive!!