Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Post-trials outing.

Trials is finally over! Rejoice!
After my trials, I went for a movie with my classmates. There's hardly any movie selection this time. So they decided to watch "Remember Me"I didn't know their movie of choice till they bought the tickets. I was busy in the post office.
Remember Me, is pretty much forgettable.I doze off a few times in the middle of the movie and I don't usually doze off during movies . It was really draggy. I had a hard time keeping myself awake.The only touching part comes when Tyler aka Robert Pattinson's character died.
I thought Pierce Brosnan is better looking. Robert Pattinson has never tickled my fancy.

There's a new cupcake shop beside the cinema, Bisou.The cupcakes were irresistible.Coffee cupcake.Vanilla Garden is too cute. Look at the flower on top of it.

The seats. Oh how classy and elegant it is. Sorry for the blurry pic, my hand shook.The shop. It is nicely decorated.
I made my purchase

The diamond watches. Really pretty. You can't see the diamonds from the picture though =(

Clinique is having a promotion on this moisture something something...
After my friends left. I was in Starbucks alone. Waiting for my mom to pick me up.
I ordered the Caramel in Grande.

Delicious!and I was reading Suzu's ameblo.

While I was leaving the mall,

Alice in Wonderland decos everywhere!!!

The box,

The cupcake I got.

So pretty, must take some pictures of itVanilla Garden!

Ready to go into my belly!!

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