Monday, March 1, 2010


I think I am jinx today.
First I realize I lost my file, I seriously didn't realize through out the weekend. I thought it has been lying in my shelf for the whole weekend.
and Damn.There's important documents inside and also all my notes! Notes are important.
So the moment I reached college. I search through the lecture halls. No sign. I asked my Chem lecturer whether he could certify a new copy of cert for me but he asked to search thoroughly first and check with the office whether my file is there. I went. No sign.
That time I thought this time I have really been struck by bad luck.
Then I remembered I went to Kinokuniya that day. Well then maybe I should just drop by to ask. Anyway no harm trying.
But, when I was there, I asked the toilet cleaner first since I went toilet before going to Kinokuniya. She said she is a new staff thus she doesn't know, but if it were today, she would have kept it.
Atlast I stepped foot into Kinokuniya's Japanese section. The staff(she's a Japanese lady) led me to the Lost and Found counter. OMG it was there!!
The joy.

I just don't understand certain people. First of all, why is there a need to push into the LRT and not lining up and jumping queue when obviously people were lining up. Damn it.
Can't people just have some patience and also manners to line up instead of pushing like there's a stampede going on. Makes me feel like choking a person.
Malaysians will always be Malaysians. urgh!

My stomach feels bloaty again. I hate this feeling. I wish my stomach would just behave. =(
I blame canteen food. My friend is experiencing the same problem after eating the same food.
I am getting bored with the canteen.
There seem to be dowgrading.The portion of serving is getting smaller,there's a cut down in ingredients. My friends call it "economic recession"."Economic Recession" my foot to the canteen. Economy is bouncing back now unless they are plain greedy.
Don't cheat students outta their moolah. It's a plain bad thing to do.

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