Saturday, March 13, 2010

Out to the botanic garden

What a tiring day!
I went to the botanic garden with my church's youth club today for a picnic or cycling outing in the morning. I overslept. I got all so tensed up and panic but I was lucky they haven't depart when I arrived.
The steps into the botanic garden.

A closer view.
There's nothing much in the botanic garden. Mostly local plants. No exotic kinds.
The only good thing about the place it has a decent number of shady areas and picnic spots. If you are going for the plants, you will be sorely dissappointed.
Maintenance wise, it's ok, definitely needs improvement. It looks too much like a park to be a botanic garden.

Pitcher plant. It's cute. The bridge where we did our picnic. I like this picture. The scenery from the picnic spot. Certainly beautiful, feels like a nice summer's day, with the clouds and ocean blue sky.

I got a super cute pouch yesterday. It is actually a cosmetic bag but I wont use this as a cosmetic because it is certainly too small for me. I am gonna use it as a pencil case.
The one I got from Daiso spoilt. I really like that one. It is no more to be found in Daiso, I do not know if they will restock it.

It is so minnie mouse inspired!
It was on promotion too. It was pretty cheap. I like the texture, really smooth. I think this type of material gets dirty easily though.

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