Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kiko Milano Haul

So during my winter holidays, I took a quick trip to Italy,  I visited Venice, Rome, Florence, Torino, Verona and Milan.
It has been a wonderful trip over there despite the extremely gloomy and wet weather.

Along the streets, I spotted this professional looking makeup store - Kiko.
I heard about this brand on the makeup community, a lot of people were recommending to stop by if visiting Italy.

These Kiko stores are everywhere in Italy. It is not a tough job to spot them.
They are in almost every airport and train station.

This are the items I got from the store. I didn't go exactly too crazy over the haul, but still it is quite big.

All of them are cheek and lip products. I actually wanted to pick up eyeshadows too but I am not a frequent eyeshadow user so in the end, I didn't get any.

Kiko Sunscreen Gloss in Hot Pink

I picked it up on a whim since it was on discount for 2 Euros and anything with sunscreen is great for me. I would have lots of use with this when I am back in Malaysia. Oh the tropical climate!

The tube looks really sunscreen like. Nothing special about the packaging.
The gloss is quite sheer and it gives a splash of colour.

Next, I picked up two smart lipsticks which were on discount for 2.50 euro each.

These are the colours I picked up.
They don't have names for these lipsticks, just numbering.

903 is an everday wearable blue toned pink.

911 is a medium-dark pink with microglitters.
The microglitters don't transfer well on the lips so it's ok for those who doesn't like glittery lipsticks.

I wanted to pick up but more colours but I find that most colours are glittery which isn't too much of my style.
I am glad I bought these two colours, they are gorgeous.

From the Dark Heroine line I got 2 velvet stick blush and a dazzling highlighter.
They are all on discount. 50% off which is a good deal.

I wanted to get all of them but that would be too much. I settled with two colours which I love most and also a highlighter.

Dazzling Highlighter in 02 Gleaming Apricot is a gorgeous champagne colour.

I almost wanted to settle for the other colour which I forgot the name since I have never seen this colour in all the Kiko stores I have visited.
I am glad I waited till the last minute and picked in up in Milan's airport. That is the only place I have visited that has stock on this highlighter.

02 Intuitive Rose Coral
This is such a gorgeous coral with pink undertones and gold shimmers. Somehow it reminds me of NARS' Orgasm.

04 Cadillac pink
It is a very cute pastel pink. I am always all for pastel cheek colours. They brighten up my skintone.

Double Touch Lipstick

The concept is similar to MUFE aqua rouge. Long lasting lip lacquer with a lipgloss dual end.
I have been wanting to try the MUFE Aqua Rouge but ofcourse they are just too expensive, so when I saw this, I just grabbed it.
I won't expect it to be as great as the MUFE Aqua Rouge but I hope it performs decently.

115 is a medium rose pink.
Really gorgeous everyday colour.

The last item I got are the Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter and Velvet touch Creamy Stick Blush.

I think they are newly released since they are on the display.

These immediately caught my eye when I went into the shop because I am a lover of blushers.

04 is a beautiful medium pink. It is stunning!

101 is a beautiful pearl pink highlighter.

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