Sunday, March 18, 2012

March thoughts

I do not post as much in the month of October-June. Well There is a reason for it.
For now, I am staying in a hostel and it is a shared room.
Somehow for me blogging is a private past-time. I do not like anyone to see that I am blogging, just so I can concentrate on what I post. When someone is looking at me blogging, taking pictures, I feel uncomfortable. Not to mention, the lack of space in this small cubicle and also lighting which made me lose my mood to blog frequently, also the fact I do not go out here.
My daily routine is: sleep --> uni --> cook --> study --> sleep
A very lifeless life I am practicing.

So I have decided to post my thoughts on this blog more often to make it lively than just make it a somewhat beauty blog.

So what have I been doing recently?

I have been hauling from online sites as usual.
I feel like it has been a routine for me to haul off ELF and Cherry Culture but these sites provide the cheapest quality makeup for makeup experiment.
It seems that my mother reported that one of my Cherry Culture parcels arrived, in the parcels there's raved items such as the Milani Baked Blushes. I just can't wait to go home to see my parcels.
This month I hauled again from Cherry Culture, this time is really small I got the NYX lip cream and LA Girl Pro HD concealer ( I do not know why I bought it since I don't use concealers much)
The other sites that I hauled are ELF and also ELF which I restocked brushes and bought some random things to try out.

Diet wise, I am really happy that someone who is a Hi-Bye friend commented on I lost weight. Eventhough I am still on the chubby side, I am happy that my efforts paid off.
When snow melts and spring comes, I am gonna go jogging, serious jogging.
Yesterday I went jogging with the snow and all, it was a pleasant experience since it wasn't chilly, just that the slippery roads are a no-no, it made us walk instead of jog, since we are so afraid we slip and fall. I was lucky to experience walking on the lake again since the ice hasn't melt yet but still it was freaky since you don't know when the ice might give way as the temperature was slightly above 0 degree Celcius. I saw water at some parts I stepped.
Winter is always too long in this cold country of Russia.

I am also here to report my current favourite Japanese fashion magazines. I still really love Popteen and ViVi but lately I found other few favourites, such as Sweet, JJ, Bijin Hakka, Blenda, Happie Nuts and Jelly.
It is a tie now between Popteen and Sweet.
Sweet features a more mature girlie style which is more subtle compared to Popteen, more suitable for more formal occasions.
Yoshikawa Hinano and Hirako Risa are like my new style idols. They are so gorgeous!
Also I am trying to challenge Ogihara Momoko's makeup except for her high cheekbone blush because I think it looks silly and it even makes her look drunk. 

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