Sunday, March 25, 2012


Today I celebrated my roommate's pre-birthday at a Korean restaurant.
Food was delicious and we were so lucky to be able to book a room for ourselves because I freaking hate sitting at the common dining area with the locals.
I know it is common right here but they smoke indoors and this is my greatest pet peeve. For goodness sake, be considerate to other people's health.
I have nothing against smokers. Just that be considerate smokers. Do not smoke while walking in front of somebody or in a closed dining area.
You don't know when you can kill someone who has asthma.

Back to the event.
We took many instant photos and stuffs. I love instant photos, they always come out great and nice.
Had a great time with the Korean rice cakes, BBQ pork and also pork rice.
So lovely.
All the photos of the foods are not with me, so till next time.

So here's my EOTD.
My eye makeup have been the same all the time, I know it is getting boring but...
oh well just live with it.

I have been using the same makeup technique without any false eyelashes.

The eye makeup products I have used are:
L'oreal De-crease
Maybelline TheCollosal Mascara
Ellefar Glitter Eyeshadow (They are really good for their price, get them at Daiso!)
Physician's Formula Shimmer Block Cream Gel Liner in Brown Eyes in Brown.

Now let me present you my face of the day with flash.
It is the first time I used flash on my photo, so now I am gonna scare you with my not-so-great skin with pores and my big ass nose.
I am so not gonna take my photos with flash anymore

This was taken after event.
The foundation still looks great and I need to top up so much blush to actually let it show on camera with flash.
I swear I was like suffocating my skin with blush.

The secret to the great skin base is.
Botaniqueserie Light Moisturising Make-Up Base ( I will do a review of this after a few more tries)
Vivienne Sabo Lifting Care Foundation
Garnier 2 in 1 Corrector
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

My glorious new phone wallpaper featuring,

Reiko Ide!
I swear she is freaking gorgeous. I adore her style and her.


  1. Your mascara looks great! And I couldn't agree more with the smoking.

    I'm gonna follow you now!