Friday, July 22, 2011

sunshine days

Got myself hitting down the shopping complexes around. It's so good to see changes around and a new shopping complex (although still pretty much quiet) and also Sephora around.
Didn't get anything off Sephora since I still have my things and they are not quite done yet.
Since Watsons has been bringing even more cosmetics from Japan and Europe. I have found my love with it again. Like I am never in love with Watsons. It's my favourite drugstore yo!

so, in the new shopping complex. There brought in Uniqlo.
I have been wanting this top like forever eversince I saw it either in Mina or With.
The Cath Kidston charity T-shirts. They are so cute and sweet.
cute little small flower design.

The really cute tag.
The T-shirt only cost me RM39.90 since it was on sale. The normal price is RM59.90.

From Watsons I picked up a gel eyeliner which I really need and two lipglosses which I need it like I need a hole in a head.
Essense has finally arrived at Malaysia's shores. Oh yeah and they are super affordable.
My lipgloss they cost RM9.90 each.

The eyeliner comes with a brush. The only difference between it and the Europe and American version is the cap. The Asian version has a metal cap which looks so much sleeker.

So the brand name is printed on the frosted jar.

This is the product inside.

at the night market, I picked up some stuffs besides food.
most importantly is a false lashes glue definitely not an eyecream. amongst all the cheap brand this has to be the best one I used. It's super sticky and it doesn't irritate my eyes. I am not sure where this brand originates from, I guess either China or Taiwan.
but a little higher end I like to use Koji Eye Talk, yea I don't use it as a double eyelid glue.
It works very well with false lashes too.

I picked up more false lashes but these ones were cheap.
The big pink box is just RM8 and the normal singles are just RM1 each. All together I got them for RM10 (around USD3)
These are either Taiwan or China imported lashes. Eventhough they are cheap some are really nice to work with.

Definitely not MAC lashes and I don't think they are even imitation but this lashes have really nice design which I never seen around yet.

This one gives out the dolly feeling.

Girly feeling lashes. This come in 6 pairs.

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