Monday, July 25, 2011

favourite mascara

Since my mascara is running low and I had it for like few months. I know you are not suppose to keep mascara too long since bacteria could accumulate in the tube and yada yada yada.

Picked up my most trustworthy brand of mascara.
Majolica Majorca. Yeap 10% off.

I have tried lots of brands. Some worked some are pure crap.
For me, mascaras I would go for either Maybelline Asia's editions or Majolica Majorca. They work the best for Asian lashes. I had tried The Colossal that is available in European and the US. It didn't work that good. It didn't accentuate my lashes as it promise and after half of the day it flakes and hola! panda eyes.

The only down side for Majolica Majorca is it is so waterproof that i can be a pain to remove.

This time I bought Lash Expander frame plus because it's cheaper after discount. Also, from the tester It works amazing, no flakes, no clumps, it made my lashes 100 times longer.
I have tried the Lash Gorgeous Wing before and it works amazing too. No flakes, no clumps, just the lengthening effect is not so prominent. The brush. The Lash Gorgeous Wing has the normal mascara brush but the Lash expander frame plus' comes in a comb style. Comb style is very convenient for bottom lashes.
I like to use the Maybelline Volum' on Hypercurl Cat eye mascara for my bottom lashes because of the comb style, by the way this mascara is Asia limited.
but you can try getting it on

So what's your favourite mascara?

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