Monday, July 11, 2011

Florally summer.

Karaoke session was fun after so long. I never thought I missed karaoke so much
Also, I hate how the selection of Jpop is so scarce here.
Atleast I got to sing some of my favourite song, feels so satisfied.
It's really nice to catch up with old friends too. Checking up on their life and so on.

Anyway after karaoke session, I did a little shopping.

I picked up a floral maxi dress which is pretty cheap.
It only cost around RM29. Such a bargain.
The reason I like shopping in Timesquare at times.

Elianto was having sales. I picked up this sorta highlight colour that was 70% off.
The colour is called baby rose but I don't see anything rosy about it. It is a pinkish champagne colour.

I only paid RM4.50 for this which is just slightly above USD1.
I like when they have sales like this but other than this I didn't find anything interesting.

I might be going back to the place to buy somemore clothes. I saw a few that I quite like but didn't pick them up.

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