Saturday, July 23, 2011

melting under...

EOTD of yesterday. The thing I hate about my camera is the micro function picks up every single strand of hair and pore.
So thus I look like I have disgusting skin. Anyway my skin is not flawless.

I wore some Taiwanese false lashes in criss-cross design. It fades out from short to long. Very voluminous and one of my favourite designs.
Circle lens is Super Barbie's Princess Pink.
Lately I don't feel like putting bottom lashes so I use my own lashes only.

Lighting is really bad in my room since not much natural light comes in.
Anyway I took this picture nearer to the source of light. To give a better picture of the colour

Top one is called me and my icecream. It is a light pink colour
Bottom one is called my favourite milkshake. More of a nude-pink-peach tone.

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