Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pink lens mania!

Another pair of lens arrived. This is the Super Barbie Sweet series. They are the same as the Candy series.
This one is called Super Barbie Sweet Pink.

I am gonna show you with it on my eyes.

Under natural light. This time I am really lucky, usually my pictures don't come out pretty under natural lighting.
Under bright light. (almost like ring light)
Pictures under this light always turn out marvelous.
The pink colour of the lens blends really well with the dark chocolate brown of my eyes. It's not as opaque as the I.fairy lenses. The i.Fairy Ruby Pink and Sweet pink side by side.
The top one is the GEO super angel brown.

The lens is really really soft. Sometimes it's a bit of a challenge to let it stay a concave shape on my finger tip.
Since it's so soft, it's super comfortable. It feels like there's nothing in my eye.

The design is pure love. It's so pretty.
Kumicky wore the same design on the Popteen September issue cover and I fell in love with it, thus I bought it.
The difference is mine's pink and Kumicky's brown.
The opaque black ring gives the dolly eye look and also defines the iris.

I am gonna end with a random picture of me looking into the bottle of the lens.