Sunday, September 5, 2010

New camera!

Look of the day.What a wonky photo.

Eye of the dayA simple eyeliner, mascara and falsies look. No eyeshadow used.

Finally bought a new compact camera.
Photos posted in this blog are mainly taken using my sony compact camera but it takes bad pictures of me due to the warmness in colour of the images taken by the camera.
Panasonic lumix DMC ZR-3

The image quality for this camera is much better.
I am not educated in terms of cameras, so I shall not speak much of it.


  1. Loving the new camera. Maybe you should line the bottom lash line thinly?

  2. Lined the bottom lashline with brown eyeshadow it seems the camera doesn't pick it up. I even applied mascara at the bottom lashes, doesn't pick up too.
    Now hopefully the new camera picks all the colours and details up!