Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mori gyaru and buffet

Outfit of the day. My take on Mori gyaru. I just realize I lack knitwear and scarfs but then it's a tropical country right here.
Maybe I should hunt for them someday.My main point for this look is loose outfit, floral and simple.
My eye makeup of the day.It is also simple.
No " moreeeee eyelinerrrr" look. If I am going for mori gyaru, it's best to tone down since the look is simple.
Anyway being gyaru does not equals to more eyeliner.

I used a champagne colour and pastel lilac colour.
It's not very clear, I have to figure this out with my camera. I swear I on the macro setting.

The eyelashes I used. I add on the ends.

Extra 2 of my shameless camwhore pictures.


  1. You look adorable! I love how simple it all is.

  2. i'm so into mori style too<3
    i love your make too!